Who is Iris? She’s the main character in Her Name is Rose. She’s Mrs Bowen, a garden blogger/writer. She’s a bit of a character too.  Quirky. Feeds the birds in the morning in her night dress and blue Wellies. She lives in the West of Ireland on an 7 acre site in the middle of a little piece of heaven between the bog and the green cold sea. (Her alter ego lives in Primrose Hill, London where there she dreams about gardens and walks through Regents Park.)

Iris’s Roses by LABrown

In London, Rose, Iris’s daughter, gifted young violinist at The Royal Academy of Music, is coming to terms with the loss of her father. She’s trying to lose herself in music, live between the staves, rise to the impossible demands of a brilliant but irascible teacher in England’s oldest conservatoire. But no matter how she practices it seems she is never good enough. Her teacher hates her, or is he perhaps a little in love with her?