In the Garden Wet with Rain

by Christine Breen

Watching the leaves fall in the garden wet with rain, Rudbeckia and Sedum,  Nasturtiums and Anenome Japonica are the lonely.

Delphiniums have been fooled into thinking they can bloom again. Will they beat the first frost?

Peacocks on Sedum Spectabile Brilliant

October comes to a wet and windy close.The first hail stones batter upon the open hearth and ricochet across the floor.

Is it true that the wealth of sloe berries and hawberries along the boreen means a long winter ahead?

At least the birds will have plenty to eat, I think.

There is a sense of hunkering down for those of us living in the landscape. A blanket of quiet descends. Country living teaches you things. It teaches you about darkness and stars, about silence and sunlight, it teaches you that the berries and the birds winter with you.

You are not alone.