Poppies. What are they good for? Absolutely everything. uh-huh.

by Christine Breen

Papaver orientales are exploding. In fistfuls. Cracking open like champagne corks popping. Sudden, summer weather, popular to the tourist and rain-wearied school children, does not make a gardener happy.

A case of too much sun, too soon, creating chaos in the garden.

Crimson cups holding the sun until morning comes

From my desk, I see their ovoid buds, sitting like moss-covered eggs on the leafy palms of their stems.  Elusively, these eggs split open. Shells drifting, feather-light, revealing neat, pink, silky yolks inside. Unfurling into large colorful cups, fat enough to hold the falling twilight until morning comes.

Ah my dear readers, you might very well ask—am I writing bad poetry?

The real question is: is it right to place your trust in poppies at the spring time of year?  Or anytime of the year?