Sea Change

by Christine Breen


Onward Hail and Ole

Rainy summer is in full swing here, but nothing can dampen the turning of the world.  It goes on with or without you – the seasons and the garden and the very music of life itself. You’d think the rain might have a slowing-down effect. Even hope it will. But nothing can deter the steady passage of summer into autumn. The cuckoo has flown south. The baby swallows have left the roof beams. The purple moor grass is turning orange. 

Neither wind nor rain nor sun nor grey skies can hold back the changing seasons. So perhaps they change in us too. The thing your slow red-headed gardener realised in her garden today was not to resist. Because what the garden teaches the gardener is trust. Accept the change. And not only that, but cry out: Onward, hail and ole, and celebrate it.